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Steve Olin - Piercing
To offer you the best service you can make an appointment or take advantage of our walk-in option. Walk-ins are on a first come first serve basis; however, appointments will take priority so our clients can take the time needed make a decision without a sense of rush.

In other words, if you have an appointment you will receive service prior to walk-in clients.   

Keep in Mind
  • Appointments require at least 24hrs notice before you would like to come in.  This allows me to schedule appropriately.  

  • Walk-ins (a.k.a. minimal notice time slots) are not guaranteed same day service.  There may be days where the number of scheduled service clients do not allow us to provide service to all walk-ins. 

  • As of now, to schedule an appointment you will need to contact Steve direct.  He maintains the piercing schedule.  

Children under the age of 10, are required to come in for a personal consult appointment. We want to be sure they are ready. A parent or legal guardian must be present. Your parent will need to bring your birth certificate, or paperwork stating they are your guardian and their own Identification.  All minors over the age of 10, must also have personal identification (e.g. school id or state id).

The piercing fee is $20, which covers the firs two piercings.  Any additional cost will depend on the jewelry you choose.
Please contact Steve for scheduling, quotes and other piercing information via email. 

NOTE: Steve is not available on Tuesdays.
For general information, call us at:  616-392-9292

For more of Steve's work follow him on Instagram

For general shop information call 
(616) 392-9292